Our Values


We know the stakes when a property owner has to call a contractor.  Its probably the last thing someone wants to do,  but in the end most people just want a worry free experience.  After a hail storm or fire loss, they don't want an unsolicited stranger knocking at their door or into their home.  We trust too that most people know that unsolicited contacts aren't from sales people intent on saying everything looks fine.  This antiquated business model of cold calling or knocking on doors is totally unwanted, potentially dangerous, and usually always played by unprofessional contractors.   Most unsolicited contractors want your insurance claim dollars - not you.  Without you filing a claim, they cannot make any money.  There is a better way, a more professional way.  Call us and we will show you this way.    

At Trent Massey Roofing & Reconstruction, we don't believe in high pressure sales tactics, cold calling, knocking on doors unsolicited, and other unwanted gimmicks.  We want our customers to know we are here if they need us   Whether we are replacing a roof or rebuilding a home from fire or water damage, we are going to do what we say we will do.  These are part of the reasons insurance agents, our customers, and others refer us.  So, if it's games you want, please call someone else.  If you are looking for a no non-sense, honest approach, and worry free experience, then call us!  

Our mission is simple - to be the best contractor for our customers.